Why Do We Still Pay Attention to Princess Diana’s 1995 Interview with Martin Bashir

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Twenty-five years ago, Princess Diana caused an uproar in an interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir, in which she noted that the three of us were there when she married Prince Charles of Wales. The king’s family was disturbed at the sight.

That conversation is now in the spotlight again The BBC reported This week, it will investigate how it was organized and the role of the industry in violating journalistic ethics.

Duke William of Cambridge, the media shy when it comes to his late mother, said Thursday He said in a statement that he “presumably supported” the BBC’s investigation, adding that “an independent investigation is the right thing to do”.

It was Diana who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 incredibly clear “Panorama” is the longest-running topical show in the modern world.

but the ITV documentary According to the graphic designer, who ran earlier this month, it looks like someone is paying to spy on the princess, who was splitting from Prince Charles at the time.

Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, said Bashir showed her the forged documents and introduced her to the princess. According to ITV, Spencer wants to apologize.

But 25 years is a long time, and many fans of shows like Netflix’s current hit “The Crown” don’t know why they turned that interview into a special character. This happened before the Internet, when newspapers, television news, and mass media were much more advanced than they are today. Princess Diana was probably the most famous wife on the planet and a member of the royal family who was still committed to secrecy.

Here are seven reasons why Interview of the Princess with Bashir – He hasn’t talked to anyone lately, like himself Recovery from COVID-19 “Buckingham Palace shook the world.”

He got real information about Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla became the Duchess of Cornwall after they were married in 2005.

(Alastair Grant / Associated Press)

Diana told Bashir in 1986 that she knew her husband had rekindled her long-standing love affair with Parker-Bowles, but “could not do anything about it.” He said marrying someone who fell in love with someone else was “very destructive”.

Charles was already there admitted the case It was released to the public early last year after he shamelessly recorded a conversation with his girlfriend in a 1994 television film. Princess Camilla, who divorced Andrew Parker-Bowles about eight months before her interview with Diana, died in 1997 and was married in a civil ceremony in 2005. But I was amazed to hear about it so openly and directly from the princess.

“There were three of us in this marriage,” Diana told Bashir, “so it’s a little crowded.”

He confirmed the alleged adulterous relationship

“Yes, I prayed to him. Yes, I was in love with her, ”Diana asked Bashir if she had cheated on James Hewitt and Charles, who were members of the royal family cavalry and invited to the princess’s horseback riding class. The two had been involved for many years and resigned in 1991. But when Hewitt was present, the princess was very disappointed Anna Pasternak’s book, The Princess in Love Released in October 1994.

“He was a close friend of mine during a very difficult and difficult time and always supported me. When this book came out, I was very upset because I believed in it, and I was afraid of how I would react to my children again, ”said Diana.

“And, yes, there is factual evidence in the book, but most of it is not the same as what happened in another world. … there were a lot of dreams in that book, and it was very hard for me when a friend I trusted made money from me. I really paid attention to that. ”

According to him, Charles was jealous of his fame

“The pressure on both of us as a couple was phenomenal and many people misunderstood,” she said. He was especially troubled by the media and fans, as he intensified Charles’ “jealousy.”

Diana told him about it A six-week tour of Australia and New Zealand with Charles, then “what you hear, oh, it’s over there” – it was easy to get into Charles, but don’t want to be close to anyone.

“Now, if you are a man and my husband is like a proud man, if you listen to him every day for four weeks, you will pay attention to it. And instead of feeling happy and sharing, you feel inferior, ”he said.

This privilege embarrassed Diana, she said, because she “wanted to share”.

He admitted that he had told his friends to talk to Andrew Morton

In 2010, the famous biographer Andrew Morton

Renowned biographer Andrew Morton, featured in 2010.

(Associated Press)

“Diana: Her True Story” – published by the biographer Morton in May 1992 – is one of the creations of “Queen Elizabeth II of 92”annus horribilis, Or a “terrible year.” In an interview with Bashir, Diana admitted that she had agreed to talk to the writer to close friends.

“I’m done tying. He is desperate, ”he explained. “I think I’m tired of being seen as a basketball player because I’m a very strong person and I know there will be problems in the system in which I live.”

Diana revealed “what was hidden, or rather what we thought was hidden,” Diana said, adding that the royal family was “terrified and very upset.”

After Diana’s death, when she published an updated edition of the book, “Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words,” Morton would deny his remarks to Princess Bashir in 1995 and reveal all the hours of tape-recorded conversations. Never met a biographer.

He discussed bulimia and self-harm

“I have had bulimia for several years. And it’s like a hidden disease, “Diana told Bashir. “You are blaming it on yourself because your reputation is declining and you don’t consider yourself worthy or valuable. You fill your stomach four or five times a day, and some do it more – it gives you a sense of comfort.

“It’s like you’re surrounded by weapons, but it’s temporary, it’s temporary,” he continued. “Then you hated the fullness of your stomach, and then you lifted it all up again. And this is a recurring phenomenon that is very harmful to you. “

Diana’s bulimia was then known Season 4 of the “Crown” series, He had no self-destructive ways when he was with Prince Charles. He also admitted to “causing harm.” [her] weapons and [her] feet. ” repeated suicide attempts.

“When no one listens to you or when no one listens to you, different things start to happen,” he said. “For example, you’re in so much pain inside that you’re asking for help and you’re hurting yourself on the outside, but that’s the wrong kind of help you’re asking for.”

Separately, Diana William revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth. “It gave to everyone [in the royal family] A wonderful new label – Diana is unstable and Diana is mentally unbalanced. Unfortunately, it seems to have remained the same. “

He expressed his hope for his sons, William and Harry

With Diana, Prince of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry

Diana’s sons wished the world for Prince William, the capital, and Prince Harry.

(Tim Graham)

Diana’s desire for her children was to abandon the royal family’s traditional step-by-step approach to emotions.

“I want them to have an understanding of people’s emotions, people’s concerns, people’s suffering, and people’s hopes and dreams,” she said. At the time, he was taking them on “homelessness projects” and visiting people Lived with AIDS, he was still on death row at the time.

“I took the kids to different places where there was no one this age before in this family,” he said. “They have knowledge – they may never use it, but the seed is there, and I believe it grows because knowledge is power.”

He did not speak to his royal friends

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip in 2013

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip were shown in 2013, Diana did not know in advance about the interview with Princess.

(Toby Melville / EPA)

Just don’t say no to Royal Communications or the royal family without their consent for the interview. Diana and Bashir spoke in secret at Kensington Palace, following an introduction by her brother, Earl Spencer.

William, who was 13 years old when the interview aired, found out only after the play was written, and was especially upset.

“William was absolutely compassionate,” said Simon Simmons, a close friend of Diana’s Vanity Fair earlier this month. “Of course, it was in all the documents, and William told me that he was ridiculed at school because of it. He felt bad for his mother, but he was angry with her. People at the school called him by different names.

“After the release, there was a big scuffle at Kensington Palace over the weekend. William was angry and Diana was depressed. The next day, I was there, and Diana was in a critical condition. ”

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