What’s on TV this week: Thanksgiving, Dolly Parton, American Music Awards and more

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Do you have wings? One country music legend makes a fantastic fairy tale full of melody “Dolly Parton’s Christmas Square.” With the Christine Baransky. At any time, Netflix

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reflected in the season finale “The First Ladies.” CNN at 7 and 10 p.m.

Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Billy Elish and a K-pop tall band BTS – Pause to shout – Do it “2020 American Music Awards”. Taraji P. of the “Empire.” Henson presenter. 20:00 ABC

They are a family in a holiday fairy tale on the theme of LGBTQ “Christmas House.” Dealing with Sharon Lawrence and Williams. 20.00 Hallmark Channel

In a TV movie, a woman is caught between two lovers and feels like a fool “Homemade Christmas.” With Michel Argiris. 8 p.m.

His name is Belushi, John “Belushi.” Late, great funny actor and the “SNL” star is mentioned here documentary. 21:00 Show time

Read this in Sam Elliott’s voice: Guest Star Sam Elliott The new episode of the animated sitcom gives its faithful baritone “Family Guy.” 9:30 pm Fox

A coach? Apparently! See how Queen Elizabeth II and the company are lifting a friendly sky into the new sky “Secrets of the Kingdom Journey.” 22:00 BLANKETS

Baker Buddy Walastro will get everyone interested in the competition “Buddy and Christmas.” Food industry at 10 p.m.


Documentary “Sean Mendez: Wonderful” Get up close and personal with Canadian singer-songwriter. At any time, Netflix

Anglican monks in the Himalayan monastery expanded due to the three-part adaptation of the 1934 novel. “Black narcissus.” With the Gemma Arterton and late Diana Rigg. 8, 9:15 and 22:30 FX

Reality TV star Tiffany returns to New York “I Love New York: Reunited.” 20.00 VH1

Find out in the final of the season who will take home the autumn trophy this time “Dancing with the Stars.” Tyra Banks. 21:00 ABC

The Belly of the Beast explores the remarkable stories of illegal sterilization of women in California’s prison system. “Independent lens” 22:00 BLANKETS


A multi-generational epic of the Appalachian family is sung “Hillbilli Elegy.” Glenn Close and Amy Adams will play the lead roles it’s a drama directed by Ron Howard and J.D. Based on Vance’s memoir. At any time, Netflix

The mayor’s daughter is on TV with a hunter hanging from a fire extinguisher “New Year’s tree grows in Colorado.” With Rochelle Aits. 20.00 Hallmark Channel

Tyler Perry drama “Haves and nots” serves another season. With Tika Sumpter. At 8 p.m.

Rising up Amy Coney Barrett The country’s highest court will reconsider “Supreme Revenge: The Battle for Justice” “Frontline.” 22:00 BLANKETS

Snork stops here in the comic finale Daniel Toshsatirical series “Tosh.0.” 10:00 Central Comedy


Band types are here as the original stars Mark-Paul Gosselar, Mario Lopez and the Elizabeth Berkeley Suitable for turning on and off a sitcom on teens “Saved by the bell.” At any time, Povok

Kristen Stewart The girlfriend, Mackenzie Davis, has yet to leave her conservative family holiday rom-com “The happiest time.” At any time, Hulu

The southern teenager went to his gay “Brother Frank” In this drama by Alan Ball, “Under Six Feet,” New York, 1970s. With Paul Bettani. At any time, Amazon Prime

Old married couple: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Santa and Klaus “Christmas Calendar: Part Two” continued 2018 is a fairy tale. At any time, Netflix

Great Scot! Five fireworks for the late Sean Connery as Agent 007 in the 1965 thriller “Thunderball.” 17:00 MTB

Philanthropic women collect money and cash for special non-profit organizations. “Decent Women.” 20.00 NBC

The sledge bell rang, can you hear me? Lapland is home to the new Santa Wild House “Nature”. 20.00 BLANKETS

It’s just: Competing TV presenters (Alison Sweeney, Mark Blucas) find romance in a TV movie “Merry Christmas!” 20.00 Hallmark Channel

There can be no turkey “Saturday Night Live” The prime time revisits special holiday classic sketches. 21.00 NBC

“New” Survey of recovery efforts The cathedral of Paris affected by the fire To his former glory in the film “Save Notre Dame.” 21.00 KOCE

Jumping with a parachute, travels: Documentary “The Secret of DB Cooper” tells a story The famous 1970s skyrocketed. 21.00 HBO


Local forces are fighting to liberate the Iraqi city “Mosul” in the hands of the Islamic State in this document. At any time, Netflix

The march is off, but musical performances are still going on “Macy’s 94th Anniversary Thanksgiving Parade” and the “Celebrating CBS Thanksgiving.” 9 NBC; 13:00 CBS

Full day NFL Football The matches begin with the Detroit Lions taking on the Houston Texans. 9:30 am CBS

A walk in this year’s edition of the awards venue “National Dog Show.” John O’Hurley and David Frey call the action in Philadelphia. NBC at noon

A single mother pushes her teenage daughter into a beauty pageant in the 2020 drama “Miss Junetin.” With Nicole Behari. 8 and 22:30 PAGE

The lawyer finds romance while keeping his family restaurant out of television “With the Christmas Star.” With Kimberly Sustad. 20.00 Hallmark Channel

Did you hear what I heard? New edition “Disney’s Wonderful World: Celebrating a Magic Holiday” shows repetitions of performances from past periods. 21:00 ABC

The lips of two British soldiers who went on an emergency mission during World War II in Sam Mendes are not so hard. ‘ 2019 drama “1917.” 9 p.m .; Also Saturday


“Black beauty” A different color in a modern update to Anna Sewell’s 19th-century novel based on the Horse Center. With the Kate Winslet. Disney +

Documentary “Dance Dreams: Chocolate Nutcracker” going behind the scenes Debbie Allen The holiday is a favorite day. At any time, Netflix

This is a three-way holiday revenge game that has encephalic indications “Frosty Snowman” “How the Grinch stole Christmas!” and the “Santa Claus is coming to town.” 8:00 CBS; 20.00 NBC; 20:00 ABC

He is no mockery: Ventryloquist would like to return “Jeff Dunham’s unprepared special day for the last-minute pandemic.” 20.00 Central Comedy

Everything is fair in the movie about love and travel “Five-Star Christmas.” Bethany with Joy Lenz. 20.00 Hallmark Channel

A podcaster hangs with a hunter firefighter on TV “Dear Christmas.” With Melissa Joan Hart and “90210” Jason Priestley. 8 p.m.

Those little yellows mark the season in “Despicable Me” “Specially for the Minions Festival.” 20:30 NBC

Tony is the winner Lea Salonga | (“Miss Saigon”) decorates the stage of the Sydney Opera House “The best performances.” 21.00 BLANKETS

They decorate the small halls of the miniature houses of the competition series “The Biggest Little Christmas Party.” 21.00 HGTV


The bride-to-be hangs out with a hunku dance instructor on TV “Christmas Waltz.” With Lacey Chabert. 20.00 Hallmark Channel

Harrison Ford answers “Wild Challenge” is it 2020 adaptation Jack London’s adventure is set in the Yukon. 20.00 HBO

Put a ring on it! Kelly Rowland has itself “Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding” in the sequel to this TV movie. 8 p.m.

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