Restore your faith in humanity with Disney’s alien talk show “Ned to Earth”

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Recently, as I stumbled through a thick mountain we call television, I came across the “Earth to Ned” sunshine that has been flowing from the Disney + channel since September. He has already written about the last two series related to Muppet – “It’s not too late with Elmo” HBO Max ”and “Dolls now,” as well as at Disney + – Brian Henson and his third review was right, though late Jim Henson CompanyInstead, four armed aliens sent to conquer the Earth will fall in love with him. I also liked it a lot; Dry humor made me happy with a little sentimentality added to the yeast or something sweet cut from the heat, as mentioned in the cooking instructions. So I came to proselytism.

In particular, Ned (Paul Rugge, who is supported by three more puppets) was secretly captured by the stars, and he hosts a talk show when he stops invading and sends false messages home. True human nature occupies the couch. Lieutenant Cornelius (Michael Oosterom, with two more puppets) – Ned’s announcer and advocate; The caustic artificial intelligence BETI is a “omnipotent energy current” in the form of a head that floats like a manufacturer and a mask. Small creatures called Claudes (or CLODs are another abbreviation, don’t think of anything) appear occasionally, depending on the situation, being cruel or friendly. “Don’t admit it or look me in the eye,” Ned advises first guest Andy Richter. (They will also take part in a fashion show, wearing costumes inspired by Bob McKee’s work for Sher, for the benefit of the guests. RuPaul Charles. )

Comedians get it on talk shows has long been the core system of television. The biggest thing to see when you see “Earth to Ned” is the adventure of Martin Short, the superhero of the adult swimming cartoon “Space Ghosts on the Beach,” who was re-enacted at an awkward pace. “Primetime Glick,” For her improvisational rhythm and Rag’s delivery sounds like Short’s Hollywood reporter, she’s warmer and not bad. (Like his opponents, Ragda has a long list of credits that will remain invisible, but you’ve probably seen it on the popular series. online videos with her excited Chihuahua, Lucky.)

TOKTOR who has mastered the Disney + series "Earth to Ned."

Artists from the Disney + series “Earth to Ned”.

(Christopher Willard / Disney +)

The puppets weren’t hired for the first time to talk to people – see “Elmo” above. (Of course, people have been asking dolls questions for centuries.) There are some in the movie “Dolls Now”; Disney’s first Muppet series, 2015 “Dolls” There was a mock-up film built around a talk show hosted by Miss Piggy on ABC. Back in 2004, TVLand aired several episodes of “ALF’s Hit Talk Show,” a translation of an alien, live, and exceptional night show from the late ’80s, but with a puppet sitting behind a desk (and Ed McMahon’s announcer). Triumph The Insult Comic Dog has done many field interviews in his career. Oosterom, Smith, and Rugg worked on the Henson Alternative best-selling series “No You Shut Up” from 2013 to 2016, and Paul F.J. Tompkins and the rotating panel of puppets commented on hot topics and current events.

Puppets are extremely extreme, as someone who has already reached out or entered. The most successful, especially intelligent “Doll, Fran and Ollie”, which has a remarkable history of the first decade of television, is completely improvised. As has been shown here and many times before, creatures made of meat and felt can share a truth on stage and on television and in rooms. It’s not just the professional presenters sitting on Nedin’s couch who know how to occupy space, but the ordinary people Cornelius is sent to “inform” between each episode – the dog groom, the fashion stylist, the street artist, the wrestlers. He appeared on the stage of the Improv Theater, where Maria Bamford said to him, “Do you know who you remember? Dave Shappell. “It’s a very imaginary person who can’t talk to a doll.

Also, like Elmo’s “Not Too Late-Show,” “From Earth to Ned” is a real talk show because the interviews are mostly unplanned and contain real information, including improvised comedy. If two guests come to the half-hour episode, they won’t dive deep, but you think you’ve learned something real or serious from Kristen Shaal or Lil Rale Howeri or Reggie Watts. Rachel Bloom or until Raven returns to the surface of Symoné. (Beed up – Ned’s spaceship is buried underground for some reason.) None of the abducted guests were frightened or dizzy for more than a few seconds; Some have already announced that they are fans of the show.

Cornelius burns "Earth to Ned"

Cornelius Turtle is losing the TV series “From Earth to Ned”, a talk show organized by Disney + Aliens.

(Christopher Willman / Disney +)

Thrown lines and a partial whisper encourage comedy. Richter’s announcement as “the main product of late-night television for 27 years” is a perfect example of the series’ so-called “various jokes.” It’s BETI’s “I’m CT, I don’t have kids – I know, heh xx” or Neddin Paul Shir’s “Do you have it?” Is your relationship with your father difficult? He asked. (Ned is the neglected son of the admiral of his fleet.) “Yes, yes … and yes.”

Although Ned appears to be a master and considers himself talented (“I’m a natural person!”), As a newcomer to the planet and the profession, he asks his guests for guidance. Although his relationship with his crew is sometimes full, he also longs for love and beauty because he is from a culturally arid society – “no music, no art, no lacrosse” – his military paths are not mine.

Each episode has a little theme – humor, horror stories, animals, art, sports, “Star Wars” (you can not avoid IP cross-ads Disneyverse) – Neddin accepted his last video address to his father, emphasizing why it is worth saving people from invasion and slavery. At the end of the first episode, he described the entertainment as “it gives people a chance to feel aspects of each other’s lives, learn about their differences and find similarities” … and how wonderful it is to enjoy my favorite earthy liquid, mayonnaise. “It simply came to our notice then.

But not part of the mayonnaise. This is disgusting.

‘Earth to Ned’

Where is the: Disney +

When is: At any time

To evaluate: TV-PG (may not be suitable for young children)

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