Light up your home with fun holiday decorating ideas

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If this year’s shelter requirements are a silver lining, most of us have really focused on turning our homes into our own barns. We cleaned closets, arranged garages, planted gardens, and pursued hobbies. Do you bake yeast bread, anyone?

Not surprisingly, as the holidays approach, most of us are thinking about decorating. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Las Posadas, we can all make our homes a holiday destination.

It is easier than ever to plan your holiday decorations online. You can go to the store without leaving home and be greeted by delivery or curb. You can also find professional ideas directly from the internet. If you decide to decorate the outside of your home and ask for help from the right, no one will appreciate it.

Family team Christmas Light Pros in San FranciscoFor example, since 2006, it has been installing outdoor, outdoor lighting fixtures for residential customers in different parts of the Bay Island. It is good to hand over Christmas trees with large LEDs to professionals, but the founders Mark McGinty and Anne Dijamko offer fashionable ideas that people can make themselves, such as the very popular bright bands hanging on the trees. You can buy these bright balloons at home decor stores around Bay Square, and you can even make your own with chicken wires and LED lights.

In San Francisco Fantastic The 21,000-square-foot retail store on 6th Street between Bryant and Brannan Streets or the Internet was the best store to buy all kinds of holiday decorations. Unfortunately, owner Mike Ferro announced this spring that the coronavirus, neighborhood construction and road closures are forcing the store to close, but until Dec. 31, customers will be able to buy the best products at a 30-70% discount.

You can trade all year round Holiday Shoppe For special and unusual gifts and collections made by local artists and all over the world in Sausalito.

Owner Hengameh “May” Rafii has been running the store since 1988 and gives customers that perfect message or suggestions they want to focus on their homes. This year the store may have two of the most popular items, including a 10-inch high light with a Santa, a music phone booth, surrounded by glitter ($ 39.50) or a Santa, elves and a 12.5-inch light, musical water train. Shiny glitter inside ($ 79.99).

Holiday Shoppe is also associated with one of the biggest trends of the year – we celebrate our pets sitting at home all day. Mary seduces Mary, Joseph, and the Three Wise Men in a manger with a wonderful seven-part story played by resin-wrapped dog dogs ($ 58.99). Options for all items include contactless, roadblocks or online stores.

Marisa’s Fantasia and Marisa’s Christmas Fantasy – two shops in the historic Lan Mart building in downtown Petaluma, boasting almost endless shelves of festive staplers and unique craftsmanship. The family, which has been owned since 1972, is known for its collection of more than 50 themed trees and hand-painted glass ornaments by the famous Christopher Radko.

Christmas Light Pros in San Francisco

Fantastic: 559 6th St., San Francisco, 415-982-0680

Holiday shop:660 Bridgeway, Sausalito, 415-332-7432

Marisa’s Fantasia and Christmas fantasy:29 & 39 Petaluma bul. North, Petaluma, 707-762-5804

Jewish Afikomeners: Berkeley, Claremont Avenue. 3042, 510-655-1977

Soyful Aromas

Those who celebrate Hanukkah should look at Berkeley’s house Jewish Afikomen, it is open for in-store and soon, online shopping. It specializes in the work of local and Israeli artists, and offers practical but beautiful items such as silver-plated Kidush cups and saucers. The magnificent curved bowl is trimmed with a blue line around the stem ($ 64.95), and even the store sells ceremonial wine and grape juice for sale next to it.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, in these stressful times, candles are not only beautiful, but also comforting with the warmth of winter. As Soyful Aromas As founder Janet Campbell explained, her aromatherapy candles are “a symbol of relaxation, transitioning to a state of self-care when consumers need it most”.

Handmade in his Hayward studio, the candles are made with natural, refreshing, non-toxic soy wax cotton leaves. Fragrant oils are phthalate-free, can burn, and are slower to produce a slower odor.

“Often we forget our sense of smell and the power of aromatherapy to relax, lift our spirits, or remind us of pleasant memories,” Campbell said.

He added that candle buckets and jars can be recycled because empty tin can store jewelry, while heavy jars serve as cocktail glasses. We support this.

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