Katy Perry has revealed the biggest “challenge” she has had since becoming a mom: I’m “desperate” to “recover”

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In an interview with Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry explained why she wanted to “get back to basics” when she first got used to being a mother. But Katie found a solution.

A little over three months have passed since then Katy Perry She has started her new role as a mother and she is already feeling the heat. The 35-year-old pop star spoke openly about the challenges of motherhood for the first time – all parents can relate to it – during a conversation Hugh Jackman and the actor’s wife, Deborah-Lee FernessDuring the virtual Meditation America event on December 3, “I am a new mother. My daughter is such a gift – but sometimes there are some difficulties sleep “No matter how much support you have,” Katie said in an interview.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry was filmed here in a performance in Melbourne in March 2020, when she became pregnant. (Photo Credit: AP Photos)

“But where do I get the six hours I used to get? Where did he go? Kathy asked. Fortunately, the “Daisy” singer found a solution. “But I know how to get it back. It’s through TM, ”said Katie, referring to transcendental meditation, which, in practice, emphasizes“ going beyond your level of knowledge ”. website. This unique form of meditation was supported by such famous people Jennifer Aniston even Katie’s ex-husband, Russell Brand, In the past!

Katie couldn’t stop being angry about the transcendental benefits thinking. “There have been various ways that TM has blessed me, but at this point, as a new mother, I get 20 minutes. It’s as if my body has stolen not only the deepest rest I long for, but two or three hours, ”he said with a nod. Meditation gave Kathy a “deep rest” in her body and mind “longing for recovery” and also helped her overcome her depression and anxiety.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met in 2016, and Orlando proposed in 2019 on Valentine’s Day. (Photo: AP photos)

While Katie has had some sleep deprivation since becoming a mother, Katie “has gained so much support around her that she has made all the difference in the world,” the source said. HollywoodLife in September, after the singer greeted his daughter Daisy Dove with a young man Orlando Bloom. “Of course, Orlando shared a lot of advice with Katie, which was amazing not only for her but also for her sister,” the insider added, in addition to announcing quarantine with Orlando and her son. Flynn, 9, Kathy’s quarantine bubble “included her sister [Angela Hudson] and brother [David Hudson], and his nephews. ”

In October, Katie returned to work as a judge American Idol, and thanked for being such a loyal parent. “Father [Orlando] entered. I saw him Bjorn, I saw him with a bottle, I saw all the pictures. “Everything’s fine,” Katie said Interview with Entertainment Tonight. At least Katie can catch it some sleep!

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