Janet Hubert confesses decades of hostility to Will Smith’s “27 years in prison”

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The actress, who first played Viv Eje in The New Prince of Bel Air, revealed how she felt about ending a bitter war with her TV nephew.

For almost thirty years Janet Hubert, 64, has been trying to maintain his reputation. Now, after the premiere of the HBO Max movie The new prince of Bel-Air Reunion special, he managed to convince the whole world that he was innocent, he feels like a murderer of an innocent convict. Since the stream began streaming on Nov. 19, fans have seen Janet hug her niece on the previous screen and shed tears, Will Smithand finally put to bed a long-lasting bitter enmity.

“People say,‘ How do you feel? “They keep asking,” Janet said. “And me [say], Like a man who has been in prison for 27 years and knows he has not robbed a bank; They knew they hadn’t killed that person, and they’re all blaming you. “

Will Smith, Janet Hubert
Will Smith and Janet Hubert reconciled at HBO Max’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” meeting to the delight of their fans. (AP / Splash News)

It improves. Not only did Janet feel at ease, but her reconciliation with 52-year-old Will in front of the camera wasn’t just for the show. The actress says she was in touch with them because they reconnected in September.

“Will and I texted and texted each other. This weight, the albars around my neck, was brought only by the media, a group of actors, the hosts of the talk show, ”he said. HollywoodLife IN PARTICULAR.

There is good reason for Janet to be upset and to “hate glory.” When is The new prince of Bel-Air When we arrived at the scene in 1990, it was a big blow. It turned the young rapper in Philly into a bankrupt, Oscar-nominated Hollywood star, while Janetti – a popular Broadway actress – brought in legions of fans around the world. Being Will’s aunt Viv on screen, she boasted a balanced and handsome body, perfect bone structure, skill, and sharp tongue. He did not suffer from idiots and was able to kill his enemies with a cold look.

But it was also fun. The fictional college professor, who lives in Bel-Air with her lawyer husband and three children, was ready to whip her earrings to fight if she could get down with the best of them.

The new prince of Bel Air
“The New Prince of Bel Air,” which includes Jean-Hubert and Will Smith. (NBC Studios / Everett Collection)

Then, he disappeared. From season 4, the actress Daphne Maxwell Reid took on the role. “My misconception was that I was arrogant, challenged and wanted to be the star of the show,” Janet said on the special day of the meeting. And that bad reputation he lost everythingincluding his house.

The truth, in other words, Janet was completely different. In fact, he said at the HBO Max meeting he was only offered a 10-week contract that banned him from working for anyone else. It was a deal he could not afford. He also said he was “kicked out” of the dressing room because he didn’t laugh at Will’s jokes. In turn, for the meeting, he seemed surprised to learn that he was facing difficulties in a pregnant and unhappy marriage. Laughter and jokes in the film were not to his liking.

Janet Hubert, Daphne Maxwell Reid
When Janet Hubert left the show, Daphne Maxwell Reid (right) played Aunt Viv. (NBC Studios / Everett Collection)

But until recently, the myth that it was difficult to work with Janet persisted, and it was this that pushed her to move the wheels and led to reconciliation. In an August 2020 interview There is no hip-hop censorship podcast, Joseph Marcell (played the role of British butterfly Jeffrey in the show) While “honoring” Janet, she said she struggled to accept that Will was the star of the sitcom. “I don’t think Janet was able to solve that,” he said.

“[That] “It really put me in hell,” Janet says of the interview, “I was trying to figure out why she did it.” At the same time, he knew about the HBO Max special. He wrote to the network and the Red Table Talk, Facebook Watch shows that Will is his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, a daughter Willow and mother-in-law Adrienne Banfield-Norris co-host. The actress had a problem.

“I said, ‘Either you sit with me, and the plaster band sits with me, and we’ll figure it out, because you and I only know what really happened … or I’ll hide it for the rest of my life.’ , I will be sentenced to 30 years in prison for not doing it again. ”

Surprisingly, Will and his team really wanted him to make the meeting special. Within a day of receiving the information, Janet was on a plane from her home in New Jersey to videotape a meeting in Los Angeles.

Janet Hubert
After her presentation on HBO Max on November 19, Janet tweeted a reunion show. (Twitter)

Judging by their argument, Janet believes that she created “many misunderstandings” and “can’t sit down and talk honestly”. “Power can really make you, sometimes close your ears,” he says. “When everyone has control over their lives, they all think about themselves. He has it, and I respect him very much. ”

The meeting, which marked a turning point in 27 years, may come after Janet said in 2009 that she had attacked Will in the name of peace. This was not the message he was told. This year it was time.

“He’s a different person, I’m a different person and I want to be healed,” Janet says. “2020 and beyond Bad deeds of the President Donald Trump, four years, and COVID, I don’t want such a bad thing in my life anymore. ” Or, as he said at the end of Twitter on November 19 after the show’s premiere, “Life is too short. ”

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