Euphoria star Lucas Gage has embarrassed a director who smashed his “little apartment” during an awkward casting

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During a virtual casting, an anonymous director insulted Lucas Gage’s “little” apartment – without knowing that the microphone was muted! Many of the stars were afraid.

This may simply be one of the most inconvenient tests – at least recorded. Lucas GageKnown for playing Tyler Euphoria, was preparing for a casting for a new role by an unknown director over Zum when the director began to insult Lucas’ second-class apartment. Unfortunately, the director’s microphone was not silent.

“These poor people live in this small place apartments“As you can see … you know the background, and he has a TV,” the director said to another man behind the screen. But Tyler did not allow the director’s shadow to last much longer. “Oh. Yeah … I know, it’s an apartment. So give me this job, I can find a better one,” the 25-year-old actor teased. “Okay, are you ready?”

There was a long, awkward silence until the director was caught with a social slander. “Oh my God, I’m like that, I’m sorry, Lucas,” the director said, moving away, but Lucas continued his joke, “Listen, I live in a 4 × 4 box. Good. Just give me a job and we’ll be fine.” .

It made the director laugh on the association screen, and the director added, “I’m dead.” At the time, Lucas warned all casting directors that the commentary on the “small” apartment seemed ridiculous. Lucas posted a video of the casting on Twitter on November 20, saying, “If you’re the director you’re dating, you can turn off the ur sh-t sound in the zoom videos.” It is clear that Lucas did not receive the director’s dissertation that It’s easy because he still tweeted the director’s comment Charlie McDowell – Who is coming soon chased before the Lily Collins “I can only imagine how bad this director’s films are.”

Other celebrities intervened Instagram, such as January Jones, he wrote secretly that there was a “guess” about who the director might be. Of Lucas Euphoria Stars like these are more similar Barbie Ferreira who wrote: “YOU ARE ABOUT DJFJJFJR”, and Mod Apatov “Lucas I can’t do that,” he commented. but the Shameless a star Emmy Rossum “I think I know this voice. If I’m thinking about anyone, he asked me to go through a casting once, but not to read a scene. He said he knew I could act. He went to his office.” I was told to wear a bikini and do curling. No joke. That was the question. According to my representatives, he wanted to know that I was “fat now.” I told my agent, “Don’t thank him and choose for yourself.” ».

Lucas Gage
Lucas Gage at the Los Angeles premiere Euphoria June 2019 (Photo Credit: AP)

Lucas starred in four episodes of Season 1 Euphoria, and his protagonist is at the center of a conflict between Nate, Maddy and Jules [SPOILER] leading to his imprisonment. Involvement Season 2 The HBO teen drama has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now HBO’s president will continue “in early 2021”. Casey Blois said my sister’s website Term. However, two special pandemic films have been made, one of which will premiere on December 6. For more information, click here.

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