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Daniel Radcliffe brought laughter with a funny behind-the-scenes scene from the Harry Potter scene and also acknowledged one of the best privileges at work.

Several years have passed since then Daniel Radcliffe, 31 years old Harry Potter film series – but he just shared an angry moment with the monkey. The star recalled being on the set of the second film Chamber of Cheese In 2002, the animal decided to start a masterpiece in front of a cast and crew. “You asked about that particular thing in that McGonagall class. I remember there were a lot of animals, ”Daniel said on December 3 Hot Ones. Spectator, presenter Sean Evans, guests boldly talk about past and present projects in various hot sauces.

“They must be over 60. “I can’t imagine them usually meeting,” he said, referring to the scene. Maggie SmithMinerva teaches McGonagall the phenomenon of Harry and his Hogwarts classmates (the magic of objects changing from one thing to another). “But, of course, in that view, transformation There was some kind of monkey in the class, and it started to squirm all the time, ”he said, noting that most of the other animals were“ very well behaved ”.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe first appeared in “Harry Potter” when he was 11 years old. (AP)

“I think Rupert [Grint] He may have fallen on a bat all of a sudden, ”he added new father, 32, played the role of Ron Weasley in all eight films. “But yes, I’m completely clean after that.” Now You See Me 2 explained the star. Of course, the animals are paired for the course J.K. Rowling‘s Wizarding World, an owl acting as a messenger, a dragon guarding the bones, edible chocolate frogs (catch if possible) and more. In the monkey, Daniel did not disclose how the cast and crew decided to stop the monkey – but it is safe to say that he was simply allowed to do his job.

When Daniel was 11, he made his debut as his main character Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Rupert and Emma watson, 30. At that age, the actor remembered the craft service – especially breakfast – which was one of the best benefits of the job! “I was just an 11-12 year old, piled on top of fried eggs, bacon, sausage and baked beans in the morning for a few days,” he recalls happily, preferring a simple meal to a holiday decorated on screen. in films. “So it was great,” he added.

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