“Challenge”: Jay reveals “why” to remove Leroy and others

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After coming out of the “challenge,” Jay told HL about his encounter with Leroy, his biggest “regret” for covering Cam’s eyes.

Jay Starrett and his partner Teresa Gonzalez In the January 27 episode, it was canceled by a majority vote Challenge: Double agents. After that, Leroy Garrett, win this week’s daily bucket with your partner, Casey Clark, proved himself to oppose Jay in the elimination arena. Jay got into a fight, but lost to Leroy and was sent off.

“Leroy had to deal with this elimination season for another season, so I knew he had some experience with it,” Jay explained. HollywoodLife IN PARTICULAR. “But I also knew it could get stuck. So the adrenaline was there for me. We went there to compete. I will not go home and complain to everyone who voted for me. I knew they would come for me, and that was my time. ”

Jay Starrett is in Season 36 of The Challenge. (MTV)

In the midst of an argument at home after the Jan. 20 episode, Jay and Teresa overcame daily challenges and closed the eyes of Leroy’s girlfriend. Kam Williams, by specifying him to remove against house vote, Ashley Mitchell. At the beginning of the episode, Teresa promised Kam that she would send him only if those difficulties became an obvious “hat”, otherwise Kam was surprised when he was chosen to enter. told another lie Ashley’s partner, Cory WhartonSaying that there was no problem between him and Ashley.

Kam beat Ashley, and Leroy and Corey made it clear that they were Dissatisfied with Jay for not disobeying them about the decisions made. “I have no regrets about voting for Kam, but I’m sorry … I could have changed my mind by telling Corey and Kam. [beforehand], “Jay admitted.” I wanted Cam to come home. He’s in the dismissals, so I wanted him to beat Ashley. Ashley. [and Cory] in front of us in the daily bucket, in front of Theresa and me [a mini final]In my opinion, set a huge goal behind them. Ashley is a beast, so I wanted to destroy one of her biggest games if I made it to the final with Teresa. competitors. ”

At the end of the day, he wished I could talk to Jay Cam without seeing him vote. “Honestly, all I had to do was walk around the room and say that Cam was calling her name to get Ashley out,” he explained. “I was foolish enough to promise Theresa and I nothing. Because he was my partner, I didn’t want to lie to him about what we should do, because I stood by him. ”

How do you feel about Leroy’s candidacy against you? I noticed Leroy coming down. He yelled at me and told me he was coming for me, and then he said he was thinking of throwing Devin against me, winning the dismissal. I said, “Don’t you dare throw Devin against me?” I do not want this. Everyone treats Devin and me like ordinary people, I don’t understand what Devin did and hit him Wes [Bergmann] and super smart. But you have told me that you want to bring me down, so I want to send you against me. If you want to talk about it, go against me and make it a show. If I hit him, I would hit him again CT [Tamburello] In my first season, and then in my second season of Leroy, he was already out. It looks sick [for me].

The full cast of “Challenge: Double Agents”. (MTV)

Teresa played an aggressive game, do you think that was your downfall? Teresa plays her game – she’s all talking right and left. I didn’t know what was going on with him, so I let him do it. I knew the plan, we told each other what to do, and we stood by it.

About the setback in the film “Challenge”: In full Challenge is lie and beat back. Why would a person like me come in and say I can beat you, if everyone thinks it’s a plan, why is it that if the person you’re aiming for is lying to them every time, then all of a sudden they’re so crazy? They are worse than humans Survivor by cutting back. They always steal half a million dollars from each other.

Even though you’ve won a few major deviations last season, have you seemed to prove a lot more this time around? Yeah of course. By this time, I knew I could do it, but I didn’t want to make a fuss while lying down a bit. When I’m just playing the game a little slower, flying under the radar, and then making noise and the target seems to be directing me, why am I making so much noise? At the end of the day it was a good fight!

How did you and Teresa choose each other as partners? Was it on your radar? When did TJ [Lavin] “Choose a partner now!” he said. I … don’t know how to choose a partner, I don’t even know half of these people! I began to look around and the next thing I knew, Amber Borzotra He looked at me and just turned away. I … hope! I’m not a partner with Ruki! By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. So I turned around, and Teresa was looking at me, and when you opened the treasure chest, there was a bright yellow light. Let’s go!

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