‘Call to its bluff’: Edward Norton releases poker-style Trump analysis, we never expected

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Actor Edward Norton knows a thing or two about playing poker and uses that knowledge to call it Donald Trump’s plan.

The Oscar-nominated star gave a political analysis similar to that of his followers on Friday, shattering the president’s “last desperate game.” Trump’s lame duck season – and the refusal to hand over power peacefully to President-elect Joe Biden – in the hands of unsuccessful poker.

Alas, there is no trumpet card in this game.

The “Illusionist” star called Trump’s move a “hateful, treacherous, abusive attack” on the stability of the country and its institutions, and he eased it. Norton has opposed Trump and GOP leaders, giving him a chance for a long time. He is also an active supporter of Democratic candidates in Georgia’s crucial second election to determine the party’s majority in the U.S. Senate.

“I’m not a political expert, but I grew up[ith] My father was a federal prosecutor and he taught me a lot[ith] serious players & say: I don’t think Trump is trying ‘make his base happy‘or the’lay the foundation for their industry,‘or he’ likes chaos, ”Norton tweeted on Friday morning.

“The basis for this is that he knows that he is facing a deep, multidimensional legal threat, and that will determine all of his actions,” he said. “We see 1) a tactical delay in the transition to the purchase of time for secrecy and suppression of evidence, and 2) above all, the creation of confusion and anxiety over the peaceful transfer of power and the fear of irreparable damage. he can shorten the Nixon-style deal instead of finally acknowledging it. But he doesn’t have cards. His next bluff from the “flop” was summoned to court. “

The Rounders star, who has played in several poker tournaments, broke Trump’s “flop” and sees it as the president’s resignation and river cards.

“[T]hey, we need to call, ”Norton wrote. “We cannot allow this mafia to threaten our democracy and make a deal to save its donkey,” he said. THIS IS HIS GAME. But he has things he doesn’t need. So call him. ”

The American History X actor did not invite the 45th President of the United States – some selected words were “stubborn, beautiful, petulant, Greenchi, vindictive” and accused him of “throwing him into a vicious festival” without thinking about the dead and the dead, for pure revenge Go to the country with your middle hand. “

He continued Defeating Trump’s efforts as an attempt to “trade for a safe exit”.

“Call. His. Bluff, ”Norton wrote on Twitter.

“The belief in the strength of our sacred institutions and founding principles is very strong … but they will be strong. They will do it,” he concluded. If you reckon with it, we will be vulnerable to its return. We cannot fly.

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